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Jennifer arambula

Hey, hi, Hello!

First things first I hope you are staying safe and entertained in these weird times. I know its rough out there, but it will be even rougher if you cut your own bangs. Remember that.  HAHA. Just kidding. As you all know by now there has been a stay at home order in place until April 30th.  Hair salons are listed as non-essential (which I think we are VERY essential) so I will be forced to remain closed until April 30thor so.


I know this is not ideal for anyone. Believe me I would love nothing more than to have you back in my chair. I miss it. However we also have a duty to obey all protocols and ensure everyone’s safety out there. Therefore, I will not be preforming house calls. The faster we heal, the faster we can resume our normal lives again.

What am I going to do until then?! 

I understand how uncomfortable it might be to see your grey hair, or as I like to say “Wisdom Highlights”, however we are all stuck at home so technically no one is going to see you but you and your loved ones. Think of this time at home as our opportunity to heal our hair. We are always so busy in our day-to-day lives that we never have time to do deep conditioning treatments or let our hair air dry. Well, now you do.

Think of this time at home as an opportunity to grow out those pesky bangs or layers that you’ve wanted to grow out.


Regarding your hair color, I strongly advise you to not run to the supermarket and grab a box. You may jeopardize doing too dark resulting in a color correction when you get back in, you may also risk irritating your scalp, and many other factors that I can go on and on about. However I do understand that sometimes we just can’t wait. So if you choose to purchase box color I will not shame you. I will understand.  I just please ask that you wait if you can. This way we can create a TRANSFORMATION when we are back in the salon. WE all love watching transformation videos; this is our opportunity to create a transformation video of your own.


  Because the news is constantly changing daily, I cannot promise a return date because I don’t have one for myself. I will however update you all immediately as soon I hear any news and I will be opening and extending my hours to accommodate you. I will do my very best to get you in as quickly as possible while still ensuring all sanitation efforts.


As a small business this is going to take a huge financial loss. Feel inclined to help?
Here’s how:
Prepay for your next service.
If you have an appointment already scheduled  and would like to pay for it ahead of time you are more than welcome to. I will credit your account for the amount paid.
Buy a gift card: thinking about getting a service done or paying for a service for someone else?


If you would like to pre pay for your service, you may do so by purchasing a gift card .
Or simply if you would like to Donate:
Venmo: hausofwonderland
Last 4 is 5137
Apple pay: (714) 914-5137



Let’s take care of ourselves and listen to the CDC so we can get passed this. I appreciate and miss every one of you. Talk to you soon. Xo Jen


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